There are Three seasons in the main in Pattaya, you can expect sunshine throughout each of them but some months and in particular the rainy season months rainfall does increase somewhat.


Warm and Dry Season - (November - February)

The warm and dry season is also the peak season and when Pattaya is at it’s thriving busiest and best to visit. Expect very little rainfall during this period and regular days of glorious sunshine. Daily temperatures stay consistent between 30 and 32 degrees. The beaches and in particular Pattaya Beach gets extremely crowded during this period. The weekends are an especially busy time to visit Pattaya as locals looking to escape the city for the beach from Bangkok pour to its shores. Accommodation is also at premium prices.


Hot and Humid Season - (March - May)

The hot and humid season for some can be a bit too hot for some as temperatures crank up a little higher between March and May. Daily temperatures can exceed 32 degrees some days. This can be a benefit as the beaches whilst still busy, aren’t quite as crowded as they are during the previous peak season months. Make sure you take plenty of sun cream though.


Hot and Rainy Season - (June - October)

Pattaya is busy with visitors all year round and although at it’s quietest during the hot and rainy season months, Pattaya is by no means a ghost town. For some July and August can be the best time to visit Pattaya as rainfall is considerably lower than other rainy season months but accommodation pricing is more favourable. September and October are the wettest times to visit Pattaya and rain is likely most days between these months. Daily temperatures still average in the 30’s and some days you may be lucky enough to miss the rain.