Expat Living in Pattaya

Expat living is huge in Thailand and has steadily grown in recent years. Many nationalities over the last few decades have opted to leave their old hectic lives behind and head to Thailand, to enjoy a slightly slower pace of life in the sunshine. Pattaya is among one of the most preferred locations in Thailand for expat living. Even though many people see it as nothing more than a city packed full with prostitutes, around 40,000 expats have actually made this vibrant coastal city their home. The stunning coastline, friendly bars, buzzing nightlife, low cost living and laid back atmosphere are the main attractions for many who decide to move here.

Staying in Pattaya does have a lot of benefits; it is only an hours drive from Bangkok Suvarnabhumi Airport terminal, which is one of Asia’s biggest and busiest airports. The city is just another few miles on from the airport. Pattaya offers fantastic day to day expat living – restaurants, bars, shops, entertainment, leisure activities and historic attractions are all widely available in Pattaya.

For expats who are looking to invest, there are plenty of opportunities in Pattaya. It’s a rapidly growing city with building developments being built in all directions, offering excellent condo apartments and private villas for sale or long term rental.

Pattaya is very much known for its exciting and crazy nightlife, which caters for all ages, and this is often the main attraction for many expats. However, step away from Walking Street and the built up areas and you’ll see a completely different side to the city. The beaches are the perfect place to relax in the sunshine and there are plenty of activities on offer for those who like to keep on the move, such as golf and various watersports. Expat living in Pattaya allows you to experience so many different things than what you may have available to you back home, and of course, you will always have the sunshine and hot temperatures in Thailand. Whether you’re a young professional, single middle aged man, or retired couple, Pattaya can accommodate everyone.