Pattaya Restaurants & Eating Out

Eating establishments and Pattaya restaurants are everywhere you look in this bustling city. The options are vast and varied with Pattaya restaurants offering everything from traditional Thai and Asian dishes, to French, Italian and Japanese delights. Whether you’re looking for an authentic experience or prefer to stick with more westernised favourites, you’ll not be short of options in Pattaya.

The establishments where you choose to dine are equally diverse and varied. One evening you could be slipping cocktails in a beach front bar eating some of the finest fish available, whilst watching the sunset out at sea. Another night you might opt for a more casual affair; a traditional Thai dish served at a road side stall before moving onto a beer bar and spend your evening people walking.

Seafood is a popular choice because it’s sourced locally and caught fresh each day. It can be eaten in so many different forms in Thailand that no matter whether you prefer barracuda to grouper, or squid to crab, there are many different dishes and you can always ask the waiter to swap an ingredient if it’s not to your liking. Nearly all Pattaya restaurants will serve a range of seafood dishes and you’d be a fool not to try and few during your stay.

No trip to Pattaya would be complete without fully indulging your senses with the array of different spices, herbs, vegetables and meats which are available in Thailand. Bold flavours, spices and dishes with plenty of colour are what the Thai people do best and their food, when served how it should be, is simply out of this world.

Rooftop Bars & Restaurants

Pattaya is unusually lucky to be positioned on a west facing coastline, which means it witnesses the most beautiful sunsets every evening. Away from the chaos of Walking Street and Beach Road, a few stories up, you’ll find a great selection of swanky rooftop bars and restaurants. Watch in ore as you witness the spectacular colours produced from the sun as it sets in the distance out at sea. Gather with friends and enjoy fruity cocktails or your favourite beer on top of some of the tallest buildings in the city. Pattaya’s skyline is simply stunning at night and creates the perfect ambience for any occasion.

Walking Street

This famous mile long stretch in the heart of Pattaya may be unbeatable when it comes to late night drinking and entertainment, but it’s also a strong contender when it comes to food too. There is a surprisingly large number of popular Pattaya restaurants and eateries along this street, nestled in between the various bars and clubs. Many of the establishments are seafood restaurants and have been running successful businesses since the 1980’s when tourism first took hold in the city. Many of restaurants are lucky enough to be situated in a prime spot over looking Pattaya Bay or the pier.

There is ample choice along Walking Street to suit all budgets and tastes. From Italian, French and Indian dishes, to Russian, British and American cuisine – all bound to tease your senses in every way possible. Visit Walking Street in the early hours and you’ll get to sample some slightly more unusual Thai favourites which are served up from portable street side vendors. Dishes and snacks include noodle soup, pigs ears, fried bugs, kababs and almost anything you can think of on a stick. A sample of at least a few during your stay is a must.