Pattaya Weather

Pattaya weather provides some of the best conditions for spending lazy days on the beach soaking up the sunshine. The city is blessed with a year round tropical climate which means the daily temperature generally hovers around 28 – 30c. The environment in Pattaya seldom sees any type of big temperature level distinctions throughout the year. Even on an overcast day Pattaya is still hot and humid.

The weather and seasons can differ considerably depending whether you are in northern, southern or in-land Thailand. Plus, Pattaya weather is heavily influenced by the annual monsoons which descend on the country from June until November.

This popular tourist destination is positioned towards the top of the Gulf of Thailand and witnesses 3 different seasons throughout the year, opposed to the 4 distinct seasons witnessed in Western countries.

Cool Season (Dec – Mar)

Most visitors to Pattaya choose to descend on the city during the cooler season, which runs from December through to March. It is referred to as the cool season because the humidity levels are a little lower and the evenings a little fresher. However, don’t let that foul you. Even in the cool season temperatures rarely dip below 29c during the day and the evenings aren’t much cooler. If it’s beach weather and lots of sunshine you’re after then you’re sure to love Pattaya during this season.

Hot Season (Apr-Jun)

From March the weather warms up even more in Pattaya, often resulting in uncomfortable and very humid conditions. Right through from April until June the city can be extremely hot and sticky. A sea breeze from the Gulf can help ease the conditions but with temperatures frequently reaching above 40c it’s hard to escape the heat. Unless you’re use to severe tropical heat, this is not the best time to visit Pattaya. The humidity is a considerable drain on everybody here at this time of year. In some cases there is a little rain to clear the air, but it only ever brings a short relief.

Wet Season (Jul – Nov)

The annual south west monsoons don’t tend to affect southern-central parts of Thailand as much as other regions. However, Pattaya does receive a considerable amount of rainfall during the wet season, which runs from late June until November. It’s not often it rains for days on end in Pattaya; downpours lasting an hour or two is about as bad as it gets fortunately. But be warned, when it rains its pours and most locals will have sense not to venture out until it clears. You may find that any afternoon showers do cool down the temperature a little, but it’s often short lived. As soon as the sun reappears the heat gets turned up once again.