Pattaya Thailand

Pattaya, otherwise known as “The Extreme City” has been attracting a variety of tourists in abundance since the early 1980’s. It’s tropical paradise climate and array of entertainment on offer for all it’s visitors, has seen Pattaya develop into one of Thailand's most visited holiday destinations. Whether you are a sun worshiper, party goer or an adrenaline junkie, Pattaya is overwhelmed with activities to ensure your stay is memorable. With Accommodation ranging from backpacker to 5* resorts Pattaya can be enjoyed by all regardless of your budget.

Today this beach haven is highly regarded as an international holiday resort and recognised by travelers from all across the world. Offering a variety of accommodation and places to stay for all that choose to visit. From friendly family run guesthouses to 5 Star luxury resorts all budgets and needs are catered for to enable everyone to enjoy. Our Rooms and Resorts section offers over 500 different types of accommodation giving you unrivaled selection when choosing where to stay during your visit. Pick from one of our reccomended resorts also.

Visitors from all over the globe flock to the beaches each year making it one of Thailand’s premier holiday retreats. It’s short distance from the capital means you are never to far from a weekend break or holiday at this top beach destination. Take a taxi from as little as 1500 baht or a bus for just 100 baht from Bangkok and be relaxing on the beach within just a few hours. You can even fly to the nearby Utapao Airport (Rayong) from the south of Thailand to cut out a long road journey. Daily flights from Phuket and Koh Samui take just over an hour and run several times throughout the day.

The crisp clear blue waters of the gulf of Thailand make the perfect place to escape the busy streets whilst staying here. It has been long regarded as one of Thailands best kept secrets tucked away off the coast. The lush white sandy beaches and calm clear waters are up there with some of Thailand's best. Koh Larn makes a great place to visit for the day with boat trips running daily there. If you like it that much then why not stay longer with a great selection of hotels to choose from. Local dive shops offer all day trips as well as multiple day certifications for those wishing to experience scuba diving.

Few find it hard to resist the draw of the entertainment centre of “walking street” when visiting this seaside town. Wild nights are the norm as girls line the streets outside there bars drawing you in to party the night away with a new found friend. Not for the faint hearted!! It's not all bar girls and discos along the mile long stretch. There are plenty of shop's, restaurants and family friendly bars and cabaret shows for al to enjoy.

Golf has seen a meteoric rise in popularity in Thailand over the last 15 years and none more so than around Pattaya. With over 20 courses within a 15 mile radius of it's glorious beaches some choose to stay now with the intentions of spending there majority of there visit fixated to the golf course. Some designed by ex profesional such as Jack Nicklaus and Nick Faldo to test even the most seasoned of players coupled with some beginner courses mean all abilities can enjoy a morning, afternoon or evening of 18 holes. 

Travel Information
Pattaya Travel Information
Part of Thailand’s expansive transport network. Pattaya is easily accessed wherever you are traveling from.
Things to do
Things to do on Pattaya
The Gulf of Thailand’s waters that surround the bay of Pattaya are ideal for Scuba diving and water based activities.
Pattaya's Golf
Pattaya is slowly becoming the golfing capital of Thailand with over 20 courses to choose from nearby.
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